Hanks and Balls of Yarn

Hank to Ball Tips

Hank to Ball - How?
Untwist your hank so its one large loop. Cut the ties that hold the hank together, one of the ties is connected to the ends. Now you can either:

1. Use a friend. Get your friend to hold their hands straight out in front of them, about shoulder width apart. Put the yarn over their arms.
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2. Use a couple of chairs. Put the chairs back to back. Put the yarn over the two backs.

3. Use your knees (useful if you have no friends or chairs). Put the loop over your knees.

Take one end of the yarn and loosely wrap it several times round all your fingers on one hand. Then take it off your hand and horizontally wrap yarn round the middle. Carry on alternatively wrapping yarn horizontally and vertically. Then wrap in all directions until you have a ball of yarn.

Twist Too Tight

Make sure you don't wind you're wool too tight when creating a ball from your hank. Winding too tight can damage the elasticity of the yarn over time.

Yarn Hank vs Yarn Ball Converter
Make sure you understand how much yarn you're getting for your money. Sometimes our hanks look expensive, but if you check the weight and length of the hank you will find it excellent value for money!
We sell a lot of 100g and 50g hanks, make sure you have checked what you’re buying before you purchase it and that you have enough to knit your project
You also might find it useful to look at the length as this too could affect the amount you could knit.

hank and ball of yarn pic
ddddd d50g Balld+d50g Balldd=dddddd100g Hank