Tips and Helpful Information

If you are looking for more detailed and in depth information on any of our yarns, use the 'Fibres in Detail' page in the sub menu above. This page also contains information on the Dehairing Process used in the production of our Cashmere, Yak and Camel yarns. A description of the Superwash Treatment, used on our Merino Silk blend yarns, can be found here also.

If you need some help with needles sizes, tensions and gauge, you can find this information on the '
Needle Size and Gauge' page. There is a conversion table for those who need to know the different UK and US needle sizes. There is a table for general needle size recommendations depending on the yarn being used. A section is included to show what gauge you need for each yarn. If you are thinking of starting a knitting project, but you don't know how much wool you need, you might want to have a look at the paragraph on 'Metres of yarn needed'. The majority of topics on this page are dependant on many different aspects, so please don't take them too literally, and consider your style of knitting and material used etc.

We sell our yarn in hanks/skeins rather than balls. However, it is very easy to convert your hank to a ball - find out how on our '
Hanks and Balls of Yarn' page. Here you can also find out why you might want to by a hank rather than balls of yarn.

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