Baby Yak and Baby Camel

Baby Yak

Our natural, dehaired Yak fleece is as fine as Cashmere. Hypoallergenic and Lanolin free this unique fibre has only recently been appreciated for its many merits. Soft and luxurious, the yarn is worsted spun to tie in the fibres and reduce pilling. The yarn is produced using the inner fleece (undercoat) of the Yak, using only longer fibres from the first shearing. The natural colours of our Yak yarns are brown and light grey/brown.

The dehairing process is used to separate the inner, supersoft and warm fleece from the coarser outer guard hair.

Technical Data
Micron 17/18
Length 46mm (Longer material suitable for worsted spinning)
Origin: Mongolia

Baby Camel

The Baby Camel fleece we use is from the Bactrian Camel, which sheds its whole coat to be gathered. We use the fibre gathered from the younger animals to ensure the finest micron and softer handle. This material is an excellent substitute for Cashmere and has a similar softness and warmth.

Our dehaired Bactrian Baby Camel shades are produced on the worsted spinning system from long staple fibre. The Camel sheds its coat, and this is then gathered and dehaired to separate the inner warm fleece from the outer guard hair. We produce Baby Camel yarns in light and standard natural shades.

Technical Data
Micron 18
Length 45mm (Longer material suitable for worsted spinning)
Origin: Mongolia