Wooden vs Worsted Spun Yarns

Woollen spun yarns are created by using short fibres that are carded only prior to spinning. The carded fibres lie in all different directions, creating a spun yarn which is bulkier, but which lacks the strength of a worsted spun yarn. Woollen spinning is more suited to breeds that produce fleece with a short staple length fibre. Additionally, it is the more suitable process if spinning material obtained through the abattoir system. This is normally much shorter and weaker due to the liming process, used to “pull” the wool from the animal skin (skin wool).

Worsted spun yarns are created by using longer fibres that are first carded, then combed. The combing process aligns the fibre so it lies in the same direction and removes short fibres. The average fibre length used on the worsted system is much longer than that used on the woollen. This means worsted yarns tend to be leaner, denser and stronger than woollen yarns, with less pilling. We only produce worsted spun yarns.