Our Ethics

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We take ethical treatment of the fibre-producing animals of our suppliers very seriously. Put simply: well cared for animals produce superior quality fleece. To make outstanding, natural yarns that are a pleasure to work with, you need to start with exceptional fibres.

Some of our fibre-producing animals are shorn, including cashmere goats, angora goat kids, baby yaks, alpaca, Australian Merino sheep and Bluefaced Leicester sheep. Sheep and goats grow wool continuously; shearing keeps them cool in summer and helps them to stay cleaner. Baby camels shed their fleece, which is gathered for use in yarns.

We don’t work with fibre sourced from farms that use the mulesing system, as this does not meet our strict welfare requirements. We only use Australian merino produced by the New Merino group. This is fully traceable, shorn wool from farms that are committed to sustainable practices, such as rotational grazing, and maintaining the biodiversity of the land. New Merino also requires high standards of care for the livestock.