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About Us

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was born from the desire to share our love of beautiful, natural yarns in their undyed state with knitters and crocheters. We’re passionate about creating yarns of the highest quality that are a treat on the needles and a pleasure to wear.

To create beautiful knitwear that looks good and stands up to everyday use, you need two elements: great design and the right materials for the task. Unwilling to compromise our exacting standards, we only work with the highest quality, natural, animal fibre yarns available. This means our suppliers must conform to best practice in how they care for and raise their animals, as well as minimising their effect on the environment. When you work with our yarns or kits, you can be sure that your materials are ethically sourced and produced. Combining these with modern, yet timeless design we aim to celebrate the simple, understated beauty of undyed yarns.


John Hewitt

John has a rich wool pedigree, having grown up in the industry and learned the trade from his father. John’s family were wool and speciality fibre traders, buying from one corner of the world and bringing back to Bradford. Here, they would convert it to various forms before selling it on to buyers worldwide. This was during the period when the UK had a huge textiles manufacturing base in Yorkshire and the vast majority of associated trade took place through the county. At one point Yorkshire controlled 90% of Speciality fibres sold, up until about thirty years ago.

John’s interest in producing yarns was piqued whilst they were still trading in materials. Keen to carefully select the highest quality raw materials, he began working with spinners he’d previously supplied to create luxury yarns of superior quality. All of the yarns are meticulously designed to bring out the finest aspects of each fibre’s properties, ensuring they are a delight to work with and a pleasure to wear.

Harriet Bourne

Harriet is the design influence and creator behind the yarnundyed-knits. A Textile Design student at Leeds University, Harriet specialises in structured textiles (knitwear). She came to yarnundyed for her year in industry, to study fibres and the yarn production process. With as great an enthusiasm for natural yarn as John, she was determined to share this with other knitters and crocheters. Keen to encourage her friends to try knitting, she set about building a brand with an eco-friendly ethic and a timeless look. She has combined modern designs containing just the right amount of detail with some of the top yarns produced by yarnundyed, to create kits that appeal to both the new and the more experienced knitter.

Harriet was taught to knit by her Mum, and initially was hooked on machine knitting, both on dubied and smaller domestic machines. She then began experimenting with hand knitting, improving her skills with online tutorials. After finishing her degree, Harriet plans to work in knitwear design.

Pattern Designers

Victoria Magnus

Barbara Brown

Anni Howard

Photography of Pattern Designs

We would also like to thank Katie McMillan for her beautiful photography work, it has hugely helped with the creation of this website and pattern theme.
Katie is exceptionally talented and we would recommend working with her.

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